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สายรัดด้านสั้น + ตะขอ + บัคเคิล

สายรัดครบชุด 1"


สายรัดด้านสั้น + ตะขอ


With Double J Hook (Standard)

With S Hook

With Twisted Snap Hook

With Forged Hook With Triangle

With Snap Hook

With Hook & Keeper

With D Ring

With Claw Hook

With J Hook

INKA Lashing:on land,sea and air.
  Lashing webbings are made of high strenght polyester [PES] webbings and are suitable for almost every kind of transport. Metal components are selected to suit lashing webbings and meet international standards.

INKA Cargo-Lashing
25 mm. capacity 1,000 kgs.
35 mm. capacity 3,000kgs.
50 mm. capacity 5,000 kgs.
75 mm. capacity 10,000 kgs.
Light weight
Soft, easy to handle
Protect Loads from damage and scratching
Less pressure at the point of contact on load
No injury to hands or clothing
Tight yet gentle grip
Extremely quick,efficient tie down and release of load

อุปกรณ์อื่นๆ (Accessories)

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