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I'm not usually lace wigs uk wearer. I ordered 2 brazilian lacefronts from amazon and this was the lower priced wig. I like this one so much that I sent the other back. The hair bundles looks great. Its a little dry but can be fixed with a little product. The wig is full without being heavy. I took it to my stylist. She bleached the knots, washed it, cut the lace wigs uk plucked the side part and added a little product. She loved this unit for the price. I don't glue this down and it fits well with the brazilian hair uk. The cap fit kinda big my man says I have a big head and this cap still ran a little big to me. I'll probably gel down the sideburns for the weekend for a tighter fit and play with the lace wigs uk. I think its a great unit for the price and I probably will be ordering another curl pattern. I've been wearing the wig for 2weeks now.